Internet (Managed Networking Services)

Internet (Managed Networking Services)

Whether you need secure, seamless Internet connectivity across live events or flawless solutions for your virtual and hybrid events, Xpodigital Networks (formerly XpoNet) designs the technology to keep you successfully connected.


From beginning to end, and beyond, we assist you through site visits, network design, venue contracting, and everything else to ensure Internet success at your property or event.

Network Security

Our secure networks ensure all data traveling across the Internet is protected. Unique encrypted keys are used for authentication between the server and the client, keeping your information secure.

Network Architecture

We customize the design and build out of your network to meet your unique needs.Using a forward thinking approach that accounts for changing business and technology landscapes, we help you manage even the most complex network issues.

Monitoring and Reporting

We proactively provide a combination of onsite and remote monitoring depending on your needs, and we provide real-time reporting on your network performance. With advanced data and reporting dashboards available, you’re guaranteed to have the information you need to continuously improve the network experience.


No matter your project, we provide top of the line equipment to match your needs. Additionally, we supply an onsite inventory of spare and replacement equipment to ensure that any additional requirements can be quickly met if needed.


"The service level and attention to detail is much higher than in other companies we have worked with."

Ernst & Young

"This is the future for events and [Xpodigital Networks] understood our IT needs by asking simple questions and collaborating with us on the right support set up. Great working relationship with [Xpodigital Networks]!"

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

"[Xpodigital Networks] is a jewel to work with. They are pleasant and informative."

Georgia Pacific

"Your entire staff that worked our conference with us deserves a standing ovation for service and quality performance. Without [Xpodigital Networks] our show would not have been the dynamic success that it was. Once again, thank you and to your staff for the outstanding service and flexibility. We look forward to our next event with [Xpodigital Networks]."

nth degree

"[Xpodigital Network's] industry expertise, dedication to your event goals, and attitude that "your event is our event" ensures your investment with them is sound."


"Our events need to always be on the forefront of technology and I believe that what [Xpodigital Networks] has designed for us is something that every facility could benefit from. The value and expertise they bring with so many years of experience in the Event market means we always have the latest and greatest technology services."

From beginning to end, and beyond, we will assist you through site visits, network design, service contracting, and everything else to ensure Internet success at your property or event.

Unrivaled Service

At Xpodigital, we envision a world where high-quality, timely support is standard and fires don’t start. We work hard to make this a reality with account managers who care about your goals, a dedicated team that focuses on success after the installation, and technical support that’s available 365 days a year.

Our Process

Let’s talk about Internet and networking services.

We’re here to help make your facility the best it can be, and your event a total success.