Convention Centers and Events

Fill your space with eye-popping, custom-tailored digital signage, and technologies. Replace traditional static signs, wasteful one-off banners, and lifeless printouts with digital signage solutions that generate powerful, dynamic and engaging messages when and where you need them most.

Popular Features for Digital Signs

LED Walls

From high-quality image-based advertisements to full HD video content, LED walls are designed to share information and wow viewers. Drive revenue through advertising sales and extend customers’ brands beyond print and web, creating a comprehensive marketing plan that connects with attendees.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Promote in-house advertising, branding, and outlets or prepare an ROI strategy for paid partnership opportunities. We’ll help develop the best practices and strategies that support your goals for sales and events.


Guide convention center guests through their experience with touch interactive wayfinding. We’ll design easy to read maps that are customized to your exact event. With wayfinding, your visitors will be able to navigate with ease.

Text Functionality

Celebrate high-level sponsors with this piece of technology that puts your text up live in less than 30 seconds. From a mobile phone, welcome visiting event-goers, special groups or VIPs, and create an individualized experience with this patent-pending feature.

With years of experience working special events, road shows, and convention center solutions, our team is ready to act as your digital signage and technology concierge.

Our Approach

We thrive on bringing you all the best in digital signage, network and technology solutions. Think of our team as an extension of your own; project managers, designers, content developers, technicians, support personnel, and a customer success team all walking with you, every step of the way. 

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