Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Open a world of hands free communication, onsite advertising, dynamic meeting information, and sponsorship opportunities with digital displays of all sizes.

Dynamic Meeting Information

Xpodigital makes it easy to connect and unify system-wide announcements, in real time. We’re certified partners with Amadeus Delphi, CI-TY, and Envision systems, and we can quickly implement these solutions with your specific in-house event management system.

Text-to-Sign Functionality

With our patent pending technology, you can change content on your digital signs with a simple text message. This feature is loved for its wow factor and customization on the fly capabilities, enabling you to greet any visitor with a big, personalized gesture.

Cloud-based content management system

No matter what solution you select, you can access your digital signage content with secure login credentials in our cloud-based content management system. View signs live, add content, change playlists, and set a schedule with a few clicks. And if you need help managing your own content, we also provide you with live U.S. based support specialists.

Content Creation

Xpodigital in-house graphic designers are here to help you create the perfect content for your space. Forget the rigid templates others offer and let your creativity flow! Our brand trained designers are sure to wow you and your guests. Best of all, once we create the content you own it and can use it anywhere - something that sets us apart from other digital signage providers.

In-room solutions

Keep your communications flowing throughout your property, including your guests rooms, with comprehensive in-room solutions. Creating a unified system gives your guests the best chance to see and act on the information you share.

Customer Success

Partnership is a word you will hear from our team often and that is because we mean it. A true partner delivers a superior product and provides world-class service and support. An exceptional partner takes it a step further. Our Customer Success team is here to proactively check on our partners to ensure continuous satisfaction. Our focus is to make sure our customers are maximizing the potential of their system while offering best practices for extending the life of the system and protecting your investment. They also help you plan for the future and keep up with the latest in technology.

Consumer experience add-ons

Provide custom solutions for your specific consumer experience. Tech savvy guests may enjoy tech options from displays for information on the go; food lovers will want to indulge in the details of a dedicated restaurant display; or your internal team may need new content or video. Regardless of your goals, our team has the options that matter most to create the ultimate consumer experience.

Our Approach

We constantly work to merge the world of art and design to create unforgettable experiences. Discover our tried and true approach.

Our Approach

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