There can be a lot of questions about our solutions and how Xpogigital can help you reach your goals.  We answer many of those frequently asked questions below.

Signage Solutions

Q: Digital Signage is amazing and I could really use it, but what if I need to start small?

We can work with you! We get it, there are countless factors that are considered when building technology solutions; budget, space, ROI, longevity, day-to-day maintenance, etc. With Xpodigital you can start small and build upon your solutions later; adding and integrating displays, content, and strategies to build, over time, a cohesive signage solution. Let’s find the
right place to start, together. Contact Us to learn more.

Q: How can I create contact-free, touchfree communication displays?

We offer a variety of non-interactive dispalys to fit your space. The real strategy comes down to content sharing and distribution; what displays you’re synching content with, what person you are trying to reach, the location of the physical sign onsite, all these concepts play their part in creating high-quality contact-free

Q: What is interactive signage?

Interactive signage is a specific type of display that offers touch interactions directly from the viewer. Their
direct actions with your displays will prompt custom menu options, content, and video as planned for your project.

Q: How can I integrate mobile technology with my digital signs?

There’s always a way to share the information your guests need in a way that’s most convenient for them. You may have a company wide app that can be promoted with a virtual shortcut via QR Code, your touch interactive displays can offer text-to-mobile instructions and wayfinding throughout your property, and you can strategically plan and create custom content and tech built for mobile integration to share the information that’s most important for your guests.

Q: How do I update and manage the content for my signage solutions?

Our cloud-based content management system let’s you access, view, and update your solutions remotely. Prefer to stay hands-off? Submit a support request, by phone or email, and an sign technician will complete your request.

Q: Can content for my displays be planned in advance?

Absolutely! Our solutions give you the power to preprogram displays, schedule based on date and time periods, create unique playlists, and plan for display changes based on your guests habbits. Want to make the most of your content strategy, let us be your guide. Contact us to learn more.

Managed Network Services

Q: I’m not sure my Internet has what I need for onsite and event guest satisfaction. What can I do?

Contact us today. We’ll review your current solutions, any pain points you experience, review reporting, and provide the ultimate, customized Internet infastructure – just for you.

Q: Can you unify my wired and wireless network solutions?

Yes! We offer peer-to-peer networking connections for venues of all sizes.

Q: Can you design and manage my network?

We absolutely can, and do for Fortune 100 companies, hospitality brands, and events every day. Our team of engineers will strategically design your infrastructure with a forward-thinking approach to unite all your technology solutions and IT needs. Our experts are capable of managing even the most complete IT needs.

Q: What’s burstable bandwidth?

Burstable bandwidth means that your network services have dedicated, additional bandwidth ready to boost network services to accommodate peak periods of usage. What does that mean for you? Never worry about guests complaining of slow, dragging speeds during events and peak property hours; burstable bandwidth will provide the additional power you need, when you need it.

Onsite and Virtual Events

Q: Are you able to connect my onsite event with virtual components?

Yes! Our HelloHybrid solution provides the ideal bridge for onsite and virtual events. We’ll help your clients make the most of onsite space, while optimizing value and experience for remote attendees and/or speakers. Learn more here. (Link to Onsite and Virtual Events page)

Q: Can you accommodate outdoor events, conventions, concerts, and festivals?

Our services can be equipped to withstand even the harshest environments. Whether your outdoor space needs a temporary, rapid-response, or permanent installation, we build the infrastructure needed to meet the demand of your space.

Q: I’m looking for onsite ISP and event solutions, can Xpodigital work with my sales and event staff to speak with my event  clients?

As your onsite ISP (Internet Service Provider), we will provide a talented sales team. Our goal is to ultimately increase your Internet revenue based on complexity of services. Our team will work directly with the event client to speak to the value of your Internet service and advice on event Internet needs.

Q: Will I have an onsite tech team for my event?

Yes, you will have an onsite tech team to oversee the day-to-day operations of the event. This team is housed onsite 7 days a well, and have on-call hours 24/7, 365 days a year.

Q: Do you offer live event monitoring and reporting?

Absolutely! For your event you’ll have an onsite engineer and team of techs proactively monitoring the network; ultimately ensuring a positive client and attendee experience. Throughout your event we’ll provide data to event staff, keeping them on the forefront of the event network experience. After each event, you’ll receive a detailed report that can be utilized for future event needs.

Q: How do you communicate reporting and alerts during an event?

All monitoring and alerting preferences can be displayed on your event dashboard in real-time. Depending on your  references, alerts can also be delivered by text and email. Your onsite technicians may also directly report alerts to you based on your
project specs.

Our Processes

Q: Consultation and discovery; how does Xpodigital provide a more valuable experience than the average vendor?

We don’t just skim the surface; we build our processes with deep research, knowledge, and understanding of your brand,  business, goals, market, and competitive landscape.

Q: Do you ever visit properties directly prior to a project launch?

We actually prefer in person meetings whenever possible. Not only does it give us a chance to make a valuable, human  connection – it allows us to engage in the project space, notate important measurements, strategize solutions, and optimize your technology selections for a worthwhile, smart investment.

Q: Who designs the content for my project?

Our team includes in-house designers who consistently research, adjust, and deploy new content for clients at any time. Your designer will work alongside your project coordinator to strategize any content work; with your guidance we’ll build content
that really connects with your viewers.

Q: Why do you do a site check prior to installation?

At the core of our process, is our care for the success of your project. We execute site checks (an inspection of your property and preparedness for installation) to make sure your solutions are ready for our tech teams. We’ll confirm any physical  modifications are complete, walls and mounting spaces are prepped, all tools are ready and onsite, IT systems are setup, and
any lingering questions are addressed.

Q: What happens after my project is deployed or installed?

This is just the start of our partnership. We’ll install your technology solutions to specs, providing onsite or remote assistance as requested. More so, we continue to maintain, troubleshoot, and expand your solutions long after installation is complete.

Customer Success

Q: What makes your Customer Success team different?

Engagement. Our team actively reviews your company and project, keeping open communication, providing additional services, and acting as an extension of your team. You call, we’re here. You email, we’ll reply clearly and promptly. You schedule a meeting, we’ll be ready to talk details. Most importantly, we keep detailed account records that makes your Customer Success Manager a central hub for your project.

Q: When will I meet my Customer Success Manager?

Our team is eager to meet you, but you won’t get acquainted until your projects installation is complete. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to connect you with your dedicated Customer Success Manager quickly upon project completion.

Q: What does my Customer Success Manager do?

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is your #1 advocate. They will be your main point of contact within the company; answering any questions, working with your teams, escalating any support tickets or issues, and most importantly your guide to growing steady ROI strategies to reach your goals and beyond.

Q: How do you keep clients and projects engaged after installation that are local to Florida, throughout the country, and world?

Whether we visit directly, regularly check-in by phone or email, schedule strategy sessions to share valuable information to improve your systems, and ultimately continue to plan for the future. No matter our clients location we hold the same  processes, have deep respect, and constant dedication to their ongoing growth and success.

Q: Do you send email updates?

Yes we do, however we always seek to share only the information that will actually matter to you. Whether you’re s a intrigued onlooker asking for more information or as a longtime client, we promise to only share relevant, interesting, and noteworthy content.

Q: I have a new team member who is involved with my technology solutions. How can I get them up to speed?

New team member? No problem. We’re happy to schedule an introduction with your staff, answer any questions, and set up an initial training with our tech support team for our content management system.


Q: How do I reach the support team?

Call 844-XPO-TECH or email support@xpodigital.com, our team works 365 days a year.

Q: I’m not sure if I should contact support for my question. Who should I call?

Please connect with your Customer Success Manager at any time, for any reason; they’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Q: What is the content management system for?

Our cloud-based content management system is created for easy, remote access for viewing live displays, edit content,  Schedule content, create playlists, and more.

Q: How will I know how to use the content management system?

You’re never alone at Xpodigital. After the installation of your technology solutions, we’ll schedule an initial training session. Beyond that, we continue to offer free training each quarter for every client.

Q: What is the support ticket system?

When you email or leave a voicemail for our support team, a ticket number and case is automatically created and added to our real-time queue. This is a fast, easy way to get connected with our support team.

Q: What if I believe one of my solutions is malfunctioning?

Please report your experience to our team urgently. A technician will work directly with you or your onsite IT team to resolve any potential problems.


Q: What is your privacy policy?

We take great care with the information you choose to share with us. You can find our full privacy policy here.

Q: For managed networks, what security measures are in place?

We always take extreme care with security and connections between our systems and your own. We utilize unique encrypted keys to ensure authentication between servers and Internet communications; our powerful, intricate systems will keep your information secure.

Let’s discuss your project.

No matter your needs, no matter your deadline, we’ll find a solution that’s right for you.