My event is HAPPENING! How do I get my sponsors excited again?

Tradeshows and conventions are rapidly returning to in-person events. After a year of being limited to branded email blasts and virtual meetings, it’s more important than ever to bring sponsors back into the fold with dynamic messaging opportunities. Providing a flexible service that can cater to all sizes and levels of sponsorships is critical for reestablishing win-win partnerships for both your event and sponsors. In the ever-changing events industry, you can’t always pick up where you left off, but rebuilding doesn’t need to be an impossible task.

Here are four key points to consider when engaging potential sponsors for your conference (and why they NEED digital signage in their sponsorship package):

#1 Embrace the fact that you might be on shaky ground

For your first event back in-person, you will not always be on terra firma. Letting your sponsors know their message can move and evolve throughout the event is paramount – As ideas and content evolve, digital messaging is much more economical than print when it comes to changes and adjustments.

#2 There will be a lot of moving targets

A lot of action and activity will happen in near real-time as attendance and audience flow may be unpredictable at your first in-person event. With digital signage, information can be delivered in a targeted manner based on event data insights ensuring the sponsor is getting real value in their spend.

#3 Presence alone can make a positive impact

There’s a real positive when an attendee looks at your brand or message and thinks “Hey! I remember you!” Familiar encounters with messaging from previous events and campaigns can have a huge impact.

#4 Consider an affordable re-entry point

Budget? What’s a budget? We’re kidding, everyone remembers event budgets, but perhaps it is time to think about what would be a good “spend” to start out. Getting a sponsor’s name “in lights” is a quick and easy way to provide a great launching pad to re-engage and reinvigorate those discussions that once seemed so commonplace.

Whether your event is right around the corner or you have extra time to plan, these keys can help bring sponsors back on board and generate excitement and revenue for your conference.

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